The People's Microphony Songbook

The People's Microphony Songbook contains resistance songs inspired by the People’s Microphone (also known as the People's Mic or the Human Mic), which is a technology that allows speakers at large assemblies or gatherings to be heard without the use of electric amplification. The resistance songs in The People's Microphony Songbook were originally written for the Los Angeles-based experimental choir the People's Microphony Camerata and they all explore the human voice as a material, political, and sensorial substance. Through the publication, these songs are being made available to a global public interested in exploring the People's Mic, active listening, and the human voice within a collective space. Musicians, artists, writers, and composers from North America, Mexico, and Europe contributed to The People’s Microphony Songbook, including: Andrew Choate, Allison Adah Johnson, Arianne Hoffmann, Audra Wolowiec, Chris Cuellar, Daniel Goode, Danielle Adair, G Douglas Barrett, Douglas Wadle, Elana Mann, Heather Warren-Crow, Iván Sánchez, James Klopfleisch, Jenny Donovan, Juliana Snapper, Kala Pierson, Kimberly Kim, Mikal Czech, Michael Matthews, Pauline Oliveros, Rachel Finkelstein, Sascha Goldhor, and Sibyl O'Malley. The People's Microphony Camerata was founded in 2012 by Elana Mann and Juliana Snapper.