Me and City Hurt Each Other

April 20-31, 2017, The English Hospital, Sulaymaniyah, Iraq

Artists: Franko B, Jamiele Wishadley, Elana Mann, Rozhgar Mustafa, Shameran Fatah, Sherwan fateh, Avan Omar, Türe Zeybek, Sherko Abbas, Soran Rafat Ahmed, Hemn Hamed, Rebeen Hamarafiq, Nabil Musa, Chya Jamal.
Curator: Rebeen Hamarafiq

My City hurts me, and I am hurting my City. 
This sentence was the beginning of the project, which was followed by long discussion, debates among some of the artists and friends, which gathered and created many art works, to make collection of art works that each of them, works differently on, complexities individuals have with, their environment and their city. The English Hospital is the first hospital in the Sulaymaniyah city during British colonial.

Some of the works, focuses on how city as an object hurts us, in everyday's living. City with its sharp edges, that tears our clothes, or injuries our body. With noise, architectural structures, Cars, new buildings, roads and many other parts of our modern environment, all making body to be under threats. The failure of architectures, bad planning bad uses of materials, doubles the dangers of living in the modern environment, which already putts a big weight on everyone's live. 

Some of the works deals with different ways city hurts how: Ideology, language, stereotypes, norms, censorship, supermodels, monitors, relation between individual, organizations and authorities. These all force oneself to regulate behavior in a way to be neutralized. All of this neutralization creates anxiety and psychotic pressure that causes unexpected reactions from individuals.